Chinese Buddhism and the Scholarship of Erik Zürcher: A Conference



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12-14 February: Conference Chinese Buddhism

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International Buddhism conference in honour of Leiden Sinologist Erik Zürcher

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Prinses Beatrix bij internationale conferentie Chinese Buddhism

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Prinses Beatrix woont opening congres Chinees boeddhisme bij

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A Unique Trajectory: Erik Zürcher’s Studies of Chinese Buddhism, Opening lecture by Stefano Zacchetti

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Academic abstracts & programme

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Conference poster

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Antonello Palumbo - Periods in the History of Chinese Buddhism

T.H. Barrett - Middle Kingdom and Wider World: Some Neglected Sources from Late Imperial China?

Stefano Zacchetti - Blind spots and One way Tracks in Chinese Buddhist Historiography

Stephen Bokenkamp - Buddhist Influence on Early Daoism Reconsidered

Barend ter Haar - Looking at Textuality among Chinese Monks in the Gaoseng zhuan

Liu Shufen - The Waning Years of the Life of the Eminent Buddhist Monk Xuanzang 玄奘 (600-664) and his Deification in Japan


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